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Are you a friend of the program?

Blue Chips Program is for those who are embarking on a different journey than the majority of the population. It is a special program tailored made for gamblers and vloggers who are in Las Vegas to conduct their businesses in various casinos in Las Vegas or make their marks in the history of WSOP. 

Frequent Vegas visitors from all around the world know how crazy busy it could be any given time of the year in Las Vegas. With so much going on all throughout the year for so many visitors for all types of conventions, conferences and events, it is not unusual to miss flights at the airport due to the massive traffic congestion to shortage of available and quick transportation or wait for a long time to get yourself a vehicle to get around.

Also, so many tourists visiting Las Vegas have become targets and victimized in many occasions from organized stealing or parking lot jacking to sexual assaults. In worst case scenario, you could find yourself in the middle of shootouts or mass shooting. And if something bad does happen, it could give victims so many headaches not knowing what to do or who to call for help immediately and it could cost so much more money than planned budget for Las Vegas trip.

Blue Chips Program is a limited special community dedicated to Poker players or gamblers who frequently visit Las Vegas for Poker tournaments or cash games and sports betting.

By signing up with Blue Chips Program, you will save yourself a huge amount of time and headaches by having your priority access to fast transportation mode complemented with a friend of the program in Las Vegas with support for security, emergency hospital visits, police reports and cancelled or missed flights. On top of all, as a friend of the program, you will be in safe hands while travelling and conducting your business in Las Vegas when a friend of the program is by your side.

Whether you are in Las Vegas strip or Fremont for WSOP or sports betting, you will deal with much less headaches, save some chips and enjoy Las Vegas so much more as a friend of the program. 

Program benefits include:


  1. Priority access to fast vomit free transportation from a friend of the program who will take care of you while in Las Vegas.
  2. Priority access to preferred food delivery on time for the break during WSOP tournaments without having to wait a long line or strangers eating or spitting on your food during deliveries.
  3. Support for emergency hospital visits, police reports and missed/delayed/cancelled flights.
  4. Alcohol and Dispensary runs plus Las Vegas tips & advices on shopping, dining and entertainment.
  5. Available for other activities in Las Vegas upon discussion. 
  6. A chance to win a ticket to WNBA game in Las Vegas.

 *Only limited to 52 spots and expires every year - Dec. 31st.