Tesla & Polestar

Other bad or stupid drivers that I see in Las Vegas are Tesla drivers. Tesla vehicles are different than regular ICE vehicles. EV vehicles have so much more horse power that I can maneuver the vehicle like no other unless I'm driving a Ferrari or something similar to that. It might be a better statement to say that I see bad or stupid EV drivers. Most drivers are buying Tesla for clout/hype or status symbol in my opinion. I say this because if they were truly trying to save money on gas, then they don't need a Tesla vehicle. They can buy an EV car that is much cheaper.

Personally, I had a different reason to buy a Tesla on top of other benefits. Every player in the automobile industry could've developed EV cars long time ago. For whatever reasons, it didn't happen. Then, here came Elon Musk, the man who risked his wealth and fought against the other giant automakers and oil tycoons. This basically told me that if I buy a Tesla, there is a good chance that money could be used for other innovative ideas and future projects. If I buy any other automakers' EV, that money is just going to somebody's pocket who didn't really contribute much to the humanity and the society. How many times did we have to bail these US automakers out from self-destructions? Think about it. While I might not agree with everything what Elon says or does, but I can tell you this one thing. If I had his money before building Tesla era, there was a good chance that you would find me overdosed on some drugs with 20 hookers in a hotel room than risking all that money for Tesla or X. 

As a Las Vegas visitor, you might notice that there are so many Tesla & Polestar drivers on rideshare platforms. Are Tesla cars and drivers on rideshare platforms all the same? The answer is no. A huge chunk of Tesla & Polestar drivers are renting their cars from rideshare companies via Hertz. This is one of two main reasons why they don't care their interiors being damaged or not. I would be like that too if I was renting one. I wouldn't care at all if passengers vomit, piss, take a sh!t and jizz all over in the car. I wouldn't even bother cleaning it. I would just return the rental car in that nasty condition to these companies and they can clean it. If they refuse to clean it and charge me for a cleaning fee, that's a big No No. I guess I can tell rideshare companies to pay that cleaning fee to the rental company when that happens.

The reason why I would never rent Tesla or Polestar vehicles from rideshare platforms via Hertz is because it's similar to payday loans. It's basically a pile of steamy sh!t wrapped up in a gift box with a ribbon/bow. The outcome is something similar to movie,  Seven, which is based on seven deadly sins. If you don't know much about these rental programs and ask them what is in the box, they are not going to tell you much in details and how it really works. Then, you decide to finally open the box. Voila! You find your wife's severed head in the box.

I was not the first one, but I was one of the early Tesla adopters on rideshare platforms.

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