Super Bowl LVIII

Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. It was not the match-up in Las Vegas I was hoping for, but it was what it was. So many visitors were telling me how it was going to be crazy busy. They thought I was going to make so much money due to the SB LVIII happening in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and I had to give them the reality check and advices to reduce headaches during the SB events.

Being a good or great driver is like being a good or great Quarterback. Unfortunately, majority of rideshare drivers are those who don't know themselves. They know they want or need money but they don't understand that they either need to stop driving or learn how to drive. Events like the SB LVIII bring out every All-Star bad driver on the road. They cause all kinds of traffic jams and accidents. For example, there were 9 car accidents around the same time in one morning during the SB LVIII week. Did I drive that morning? The answer is no because I don't want to be a victim of retards who don't know how to drive. I suspect many of those accidents were caused by impair driving. Whatever the case may be, there weren't enough money and proper insurance coverage to even bother thinking about driving when one too many retards were on the road.

Before the SB LVIII, I received a message from rideshare companies regarding designated SB pick up zones, road closures and etc. Also, they mentioned about $25 incentive per pick up from designated SB pick up zone. After looking at the map of how everything was organized, it was clear to see I wasn't going to pick up anyone from that area for multiple reasons.

1. They said this incentive bonus was going to be only applied after completing the trip after picking up passengers from specific designated geo-fenced area. This basically meant that there was a higher chance of not getting incentive bonus since all passengers requesting cars were not going to be hanging out in that specific geo-fenced area. On top of that, they said all incentive bonus was going to be directly paid to me without splitting that with these companies. Also,they mentioned that it was going to be only applied and shown after completing the trip. How many times did these rideshare companies cried wolf? Countless times. So I'm just going to believe what they say? If they sent me this message with a box of Vaseline, then I would've thought twice about it.

2. $25 incentive bonus per trip is not just good enough. Unless I was getting $60 to $80 to start, it was not worth it. I was no stranger to know what kind of traffic jam I was going to be dealing with. I had a pretty good idea how long it would take to get into the SB designated pick up zone and get out of there. And what about driving around after picking up the passengers?

3. How about the time and money that I have to lose by playing hide and seek with intoxicated adults? If the passengers who requested a car are not waiting to jump in right away when the car arrives, then what? Wait for the passengers? For how long? The police and security are not going to allow rideshare cars to just wait in the spot blocking the traffic flow. So if something goes wrong due to the passengers or theses rideshare companies, guess who is eating that loss? Only the driver and nobody else.

There were countless times at sporting events when I had to deal with the passengers who were lacking common sense and sense of urgency. I no longer waste time and effort to pick passengers up if I think I will be dealing with stupidity. More often than not, I had to deal with angry or frustrated people who were at the game. They would say on the phone something like this, "How can you not find me? I'm standing right here. I'm wearing 49ers jersey!"

Really? I usually ask them back with questions just for fun before I cancel their requests.

"Are you wearing a home jersey? Or away jersey? Is it a Throwback jersey?"

4. Most of passengers who request cars from sporting events are drunk. Not knowing if my passengers are rookies of drinking alcohols, it's a huge risk to have them in my car for more than 10 to 20 minutes. That's pretty much a time bomb ticking in your car. If I pick up passengers from certain locations for events such as the SB LVIII, I know for a fact that I can get stuck in a place not going anywhere for more than 30 minutes regardless of what GPS or any app tells me. So imagine a time bomb ticking in your car going nowhere for 30 minutes. I'm confident enough to bet that many people vomitted in rideshare cars during the SB LVIII weekend. 


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