Self-Driving on Cruise?

I will never trust self-driving and robotaxis. My reasons are simple. Based on my experiences and what I've seen so far by interacting with A.I. + algorithms, there is absolutely no reason to trust it. If it's that great, accurate and safe, then why am I being told to go on suicidal routes with passengers? Why can't it 100% accurately measure the time it would take to travel from point A to point B? My biggest reason not to trust self-driving and robotaxis came from interacting with a couple of software engineers working for a multi-national corporation.

A robotaxi company in San Francisco, Cruise, recently halted the operation completely after many accidents. If I remember correctly, the whole senior management resigned right away when the city of SF made an announcement of shutting down the robotaxi operation.

I wasn't surprised by that decision. They should've never let robotaxis operate in the first place. Those in the management and software engineers knew they were going to kill people by operating their robotaxis. How could they not know? If they didn't know they were going to kill people intentionally or not, it probably means they are all delusional or at least some of them are. If anyone of them in the company actually thought that the passengers and others were human beings, there is no way they would've let this happen. This happened because the passengers and others on the road were looked as numbers and not as human beings. 

My interaction with one software engineer who also happened to be a manager sealed the deal for me to not trust A.I. or self-driving no matter what. The only way for myself to go along with robotaxis and etc is if the management and software engineers agree to be punished with guillotine if their robotaxis or softwares cause problems or glitches. If they are truly confident about their tech and really consider others as human beings, there is no reason for anyone of them to refuse guillotine punishment. 

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