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In Texas, a female rideshare driver was murdered by a passenger. They said the driver was an immigrant seeking for asylum in the US. I don't know the law when it comes to migrants, immigration, and etc. However, my question is how is it possible for an immigrant looking for asylum to drive on these rideshare platforms? From proper paperworks and background check to having or renting a vehicle legitimately, how?

This news explained a whole lot about the duopoly of rideshare platforms. Basically, they are cutting drivers' pay rate by bringing all kinds of unqualified drivers on the platform. No wonder why I had seen a drastic increase of drivers who can't speak English and can't drive for sh!t.

It also explains the reason why one rideshare company is offering a language class or program via Rosetta Stone. In order to be eligible for this free language class, a driver must achieve the gold or the platinum tier status on the platform. Of course, I'm not even close to achieving those tiers now because I don't want to work like a slave while dealing with every passenger who I don't want in my vehicle.

I would never understand any driver who actually drive for 12+ hours to achieve those tiers for useless rewards(?). Let's talk about some of these rewards.

1. Discounts from select 7-Eleven. Why would I want to spend money on overpriced unhealthy food? How far do I have to drive to find select 7-Eleven? And how long do I have to waste my time waiting in line? They used to offer coffees for free, but it looks like they took that away now.

2. Cash back and discounts on fuel or EV charging. How far do I have to drive to find gas stations or EV charging stations that are on this program? And how long do I have to wait if I do get there to refuel or recharge?

3. Discounts on car maintenance (Up to 66%). If a mechanic shop jacks up my car repair bill for 200%, what good is up to 66% discount?

I can go on about these worthless rewards, but what is the point? Instead of implementing stupid worthless rewards, these companies can raise the payout of drivers. They won't do this because they want their drivers to be slaves. These companies have the same problem as the government. They love to waste money and mismanage resources and personnel. 

I was and am still against sending national guards and installing razor wires along the border in Texas. I can't understand why they were mismanaging resources, personnel and money like that. All they have to do is lay down land mines along the border, and the problem is solved. If you say that is way too much, then I have a question for you; would you like to see more airplanes flying into buildings?

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