Pittsburgh Tunnel Trap & Video Game

Anybody who lives in Pittsburgh knows what I'm about to talk about. When you are entering the tunnel to the city of Pittsburgh, if you are not in the correct lane to exit. It can get very dangerous if you try to switch lanes at last second. I never lived there and I don't know what they call that tunnel. But I do still remember about that tunnel because I told myself that it had to be one of the most dangerous tunnels that I've ever been. I was not in the correct lane, but I was right next to it. I did pay attention of where I had to go, but I just didn't know how quick and short it was to maneuver in there. And luckily, I didn't have anyone driving around me.

Las Vegas also has something similar like that. If you've been on rideshare platforms, it should be like a video game; memorizing map levels and traps. The first trap starts right after you exit the parking garage of terminal 1 after picking up passengers. Technically, there are a couple of traps on the way to the parking garage in the airport. Anyway, when you exit the garage, you will be immediately merged with 2 others lanes connected to level 1 and below ground level. From there, you have 3 choices to make right away, so you need to know exactly where you are going. Then, you have to check your surroundings as quickly as possible for merging situation with all cars coming from 2 other lanes. When you approach to that point, it's important to assume that all other drivers in there around you are drivers with intellectual disabilities. Either you have to speed up to switch lane and make the turn going towards the strip when it's clear or you have to go real slow to make sure no cars from other 2 lanes are trying to merge into your lane because they don't know where they are going. (It's always better to avoid dancing with drivers with intellectual disabilities if possible.)

Second trap is located right after the first one when you make the turn and on the way towards the strip. It's another cross merging situation with not much time and space. Now I can keep go on and one with these traps, but that will take too much time. People who are not good at driving shouldn't bring their cars in Las Vegas unless it's for business purposes. 

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