New Year's Glitch & Shooting

The first day of new year, I was approached by a Vietnamese driver while I was in a parking lot. He asked me about a glitch that a rideshare company was having the whole night. I didn't know anything about it because it was my first time not driving at all on new years eve and after the countdown. He was so angry about it and he couldn't stop expressing in broken English how upset he was.

He was keep telling me how hard he worked throughout the whole night transporting numerous intoxicated passengers. Also, making it even worse, none of his passengers tipped him. Then, the glitch prevented him from cashing out, and he was asking me about why this glitch was happening and how come there was no answer or a response from the support.

I felt bad for him, but it was his fault in a way. There were many occasions in the past when these rideshare companies had "glitches" on their apps. When I had to deal with my first glitch issue on the app, I did exactly the same as that Vietnamese driver. The next day, I found out I got scammed by the rideshare company. That was when I realized what I have to do if similar situations or glitches occur.

As soon as I find out that there is something wrong with my pay of the trip or the app, I immediately turn off the app and I'm done for the day until the issue is fixed. There was a time when I didn't get paid for all the surge bonus for the whole day. In the app, on the trip requests, it showed that the surge was being applied. However, after the trip was over, it was a different story when it came to my pay screen. I thought that it was a minor issue, and I figured it would be ok to drive. Big mistake. The next day, I got an email from the rideshare company about a glitch and I wasn't getting paid for all my surge bonus for the whole day. That was when I knew these thieves were robbing me.

These "glitches" happened more than just once for me to believe that it wasn't intentional. How do you expect me to believe these glitches when they are paying these software engineers over at least $100K? Did they hire a bunch of retarded software engineers who constantly create glitches? In that case, I'm suppose to believe the app and also trust self-driving & robotaxis 100% at all times?

Good thing I didn't have to deal with that. I had a feeling that it would be a bad night. Most passengers were probably drunk and I have to deal with a glitch? On top of that, some guy shot his gun 71 times in a MGM Signature building, and the whole police force swarmed that area. I can't even imagine what kind of traffic jam that asshole shooter created. I'm surprised nobody was hurt after 71 shots. 

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