Nebraska 🐄 💩 Trap

I once got a speeding ticket on the freeway in Nebraska. It was wide open and there were no cars. That was not the reason why I was speeding though. I had all the time in the world. I was only speeding because I couldn't handle the massive smell of shit. It was just too much out of nowhere. I really wished I had a gas mask when I was driving across Nebraska. My nostrils were working overtime.

The police trap was set up perfectly. If you don't live around there and not used to the smell of shit, you'll probably go through the same experience as I have. I remember driving with my one hand covering my nose and mouth the whole time. I had no other choice but to pay the fine since I wasn't going back to Nebraska and go through that again. 

When I drive on rideshare platforms, I always have air refresher/disinfectant spray. Another reason why I don't take passengers in the front seat is the smell or odor of some people. I had many times when I was having difficulty breathing while I was driving due to people with bad body odor smells. It's definitely not a pleasant driving experience if it happens. 

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