When I first started to drive part time, it wasn't because I needed extra money. At that time, I was already working full time at a multi-national Fortune 100 corporation. It was mainly because I was bored and I love driving. Unfortunately, not long after, I had to quit my job because I made a mistake(?) of voicing my opinion and standing up to the management of wrong doings to my female co-worker when everyone was scared to death to say anything. Once they realized that I didn't share the same moral values and visions, and also knowing that I would play no part in their schemes, they began to retaliate in order to get rid of me.

They didn't really have to retaliate to get rid of me since I was already planning to leave the company. This was a company where the majority of workers wouldn't quit no matter what because it was known as one of the best places to work in the USA. After being threatened with my job security by a senior manager, I pretty much took Elon Musk's approach without saying "Go F____ Yourself." When I realized what kind of animals or roaches I was working with, I knew I couldn't be around them for too long.

Knowing my time at this Fortune 100 corporation was running out, I worked almost 80 hours per week in order to stack my money up to quit and relocate. 40 hours of full time job and 40 hours of ridesharing, that was my weekly schedule for a good few months before I gave the management my two weeks notice. 

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