Do You Know Who My Father Is?

Here are 2 reasons why I don't take any passenger in the front seat anymore. They are:

1. Because there are way too many stupid or bad drivers coming from 360 degrees of directions in Las Vegas, I want to make sure that I have a clear field of view in order to avoid potential collisions.

2. I was on the way back to the main strip after dropping a passenger in Durango Station area. I received a trip request from a residential area not too far away. Normally, I wouldn't take this kind of passenger because his passenger rating was 4.5 or 4.6. Again, I should've known better. I said to myself that I was going to be a good guy this time and help somebody out by picking up that passenger. What a f**king mistake!

Once I arrived to a house, one female and one male hopped in the backseat. Then I was told by one of them that 3rd person was coming. I wasn't paying attention, and this 3rd passenger who was the one requested this trip abruptly entered in my front passenger seat. This white guy had a long dreadlocks and he was really drunk. He had a liquor bottle in one hand and a half full drink in the other hand.

It was way too late at that point to kick them out of my car. Because if was 3 plus potential other people from the house against me, I decided to just drive them to MGM Grand hoping for the best. On the way, this drunk pussy face was being extremely belligerent and loud. This dull-brained blockhead was distracting and disturbing my driving in the traffic. Then when I got on the highway, he got close up in my face and kept repeating the same question again and again with stanky breathes and loud annoying voice for awhile. 


Who? Darth Vader? And he didn't force choke this lisping clay-brained abomination to death in the air already? I was livid and heated to the maximum. If I was driving that James Bond's Aston Martin, I would've pushed the button and ejected this pathetic excuse for a human. I really wanted to stop the car and punch him in the face to shut his mouth up. Better yet, I wanted to meet his father, so I can congratulate him on this fantastic procreation and parenting. With so many cars around me on the highway, that was not possible. This incident took me back in time on Marshall street with trio of dunghills in my car. Once I finally I dropped them off at MGM Grand, I told myself that I will never take any passenger with a rating less than 4.8 and nobody will be sitting in the front ever again.

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