Aliens & Toilet Papers

I never believed in aliens from the space until I started to drive on rideshare platforms. As I interact more and more with strangers using this rideshare service, I'm now a firm believer in aliens. If some of these passengers were not aliens from the space, then I don't know what they are. I've met and driven one too many passengers who could be considered as X-Files. I sometimes wondered what Mulder and Scully would say if they saw some of these people. If I'm completely wrong about this, and they are indeed human beings, I'm seriously worried and concerned about the future and well-being of America.

This story I'm about to share has nothing to do with ridesharing. But I would like to talk about it just to reinforce my message about trusting human beings and interacting with strangers in general. I decided to talk about this after watching some horrific true crime/homicide TV shows.

Right after the state of emergency was announced in Nevada due to Covid-19, I was living in an apartment with 2 other roommates. We all each had a private room with a bathroom and shared the common areas. I personally didn't care much for this type of living arrangement except one thing; I needed a clean kitchen/sink to cook my meals. Unfortunately, my roommates who were in their 20s didn't care. So there were many occasions where kitchen sinks were completely full and overflowing with dirty dishes for days and weeks. I wasn't going to clean up after their dirty mess, so I had to constantly confront these kids about cleaning the kitchen. It was getting played out and there were one too many visits from random strangers, friends of roommates, who didn't live there. I really wanted to get out of there for awhile, but I was under a lease.

When it was getting close to my time to renew the lease, I didn't hesitate to find a new place to move. It was about 4 months after the announcement of Covid-19 state of emergency. Instead of moving to an apartment with another lease, I decided to rent a room in a house since I wasn't too sure what was going to happen and how things were going to be due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

I found a room away from the main strip for the first time. It was a nice and peaceful neighborhood. The owner of house was a waitresse who just got laid off from working at a well-known Korean themed restaurant And because of what was going on with pandemic and no income, she decided to rent out her rooms in the house to pay her mortgage and bills.

In the middle of my moving process, the landlord told me about her personal and family history. I didn't think of her story as a warning sign, but I did find out that she didn't grow up in a family full of love. Within a week of moving in, I noticed 4 things about this landlord which made me keep a distance from her even though we both lived under the same roof:

1. I often saw her passed out on her couch in broad daylight after drinking wine and beers by herself.

2. There was a time when her two puppies were barking non-stop for good 10 minutes. I was occupied by Game of Thrones marathon. It was getting on my nerves, so I went to check on them. I discovered that her puppies were thirsty and starving by looking at empty bowls. After giving them some food and water, they stopped barking. About 12 to 16 hours later, it was the same thing all over again. My landlord didn't feed her puppies again. What was she doing when two puppies were barking crazy non-stop? She was sleeping or passed out in the house.

3. After barking incidents, I let those two puppies out in the backyard one day. When I opened the sliding door, I saw nothing but dog sh!ts all over her backyard. Dog sh!ts were on the ground every 2 or 3 inches apart. Her puppies were struggling to find empty areas to take care of their #2 business.

4. She told me about a story of her previous roommate who also had a puppy in that same house. She said she had to kick her roommate out of the house because of that roommate's puppy was creating dirty stains on her expensive carpeted floor upstairs. Her two puppies were trained to not go upstairs according to her. I forgot exactly what she said about how much it would cost to replace that carpeted floor. However, I did make a phone call to my best friend who happened to be in flooring business/industry. Through my friend I found out either she got ripped off big time or she was just talking sh!t. Anyway, I saw her two puppies running upstairs after going out in the backyard full of dog sh!ts, and that was when I came to a conclusion this landlord is full of sh!t and I should watch out for her.

Another male roommate moved in shorty after I moved in. We didn't talk much but we respected each other's space. As time went on, I saw my landlord and this new roommate drinking together and getting closer to one another. I never joined them and I always stayed away from her because I always had this bad feeling about this girl based on what I've seen so far in that house. Also, I thought that was somewhat weird since I knew she had a boyfriend or fiancé who did all of repairs for her in that house.

One day when I was just about to eat, my landlord approached me about cleaning common areas and splitting bills for household products. I agreed to taking turns on cleaning common areas even though I didn't want to since they were the ones who were making all kinds of mess. When it came to splitting bills for household products, I refused and walked away in order to avoid an unnecessary long conversation.

About 30 minutes later, I received a text from her in my room telling me to move out of the house within a week. I gave her 3 months of rent deposit in cash upfront when I moved in. We both agreed to give each other at least 1 month notice in advance if things didn't work out between us. However, she didn't care and she wasn't having it. I couldn't help but to have this feeling that the new male roommate and the landlord were trying to force me out of the place, so they could spend more time together in privacy. In the end, I told her to have my money ready when I move out in a week.

My main reason why I refused to split bills for household products was simple. When the new roommate moved in, I had a roll full of toilet paper in the shared bathroom. After taking care of my #2 business a couple of times, that same roll of toilet paper was down to nothing. I had strong Charmin toilet papers which was not like other cheap ones. Charmin toilet papers are thicker and doesn't easily rip in pieces and get stuck in between my buttcheeks. With strong Charmin toilet papers, I can use every square inch of paper to completely wipe my butt. Therefore, there was absolutely no way my toilet paper should be down to nothing after wiping my butt twice. I don't know if this guy had non-stop diarrheas for a week everyday, but it happened again with my next roll of toilet paper. And that was when I stopped putting my toilet papers in the bathroom. Because he didn't have a car and never supplied a new roll of toilet paper, I declined to split the bill and supply toilet papers for this guy.

Luckily, I found another room to rent in Durango Station area right away after that text. That whole week, I spent my time moving my belongings to a storage and the new place. When it was my last day of moving out, for some reasons unknown, this girl refused to answer the door and pay me back my 3 months of deposit. She was really pissing me off at that point, so I decided to piss her off and see who was going to win this battle. I kept buzzing her house in short intervals and I just sat in front of her house for hours. She texted me that she was not home. I didn't care and I just sat there to see what was going to happen.

Eventually, maybe 3 or 4 hours later, a random guy showed up and entered the house. This random guy wanted to act like a tough guy in front of me, but he probably realized I was not playing and he could end up in a hospital with life threatening condition. Few minutes later, he came out of the house with my money. This girl was inside ignoring me the whole time while I was sitting outside in the scorching sun for hours.

Not long after moving out of that crazy girl's house, my storage got ransacked by thieves and I lost all kinds of stuff. And after that, I just went on with my life hoping the pandemic would end soon. About a year later, after the pandemic, I was living in a studio apartment. One afternoon, a white man in his 50s or 60s knocked on my door. When I answered the door, he told me who he was and asked me if I ever lived in the address of that crazy girl's house. I acknowledged that I lived in that address not knowing what this was all about.

When I asked him for the reason for his visit, he told me that my previous male roommate in that crazy girl's house was in a jail. I had no idea what was going on and what my involvement was in this situation. I was curious to say the least. I had to ask him why I was being dragged into these two strangers because I wasn't sure if I had to find myself a lawyer. I was shocked when I found out why this guy was in a jail. He told me that crazy girl, landlord, charged my previous roommate with attempted murder after I moved out of her house. 

So basically, I was being asked to testify in court as a character witness. I was really surprised when I realized this old white man was a public duty counsel. This old man actually spent his time and effort to locate me for my previous roommate of 2 or 3 weeks. I asked him if there was going to be my compensation for loss of income due to this trial. The answer was no. I told him that I would decide after talking to my previous roommate on the phone. 



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