It is no secret that there is an unwavering popularity with Jordan brand and its retro shoes. Some Jordan retros could be sold for thousands of dollars in some cases. This is one of many reasons why there is a long line of Jordan fanatics and resellers at all retail stores on certain release dates.

As a high school student without a job, I couldn't afford many pairs of Jordan retros. As a matter of fact, I didn't buy a pair of Jordan out of my pocket until I was in mid 20s. However, I always tried to be on point with being fresh regardless of having those popular Jordan shoes or not. While rocking retro Js might look nice and cool in front of your peers at school or strangers, but it doesn't define who you are and what you are about. Just because you wear Walmart Shaq brand shoes instead of expensive Js, it doesn't mean you are less of a man/woman in any shape or form. 
There are some expensive shoes on the market that are worth $150 ~ $200 due to its advanced cushioning technologies. They can really assist you with long distance walking, running and etc. However, most if not all retro Js don't have that kind of cushioning systems other than simple Nike AIR bags. That being said, if you don't want or need to spend more money, you just buy Walmart Shaq shoes and save money for other things.
Everyone has a different taste/style and financial situation. Not everyone comes from a rich family. Some families have to make things work to get by and escape from poverty. With that in mind, you shouldn't befriend with someone based on what kind of shoes or clothes a person is wearing. At the same time, you probably shouldn't associate or befriend with anyone who stays the same all his/her life without progress or growth.
There was a person named Shorty that I used to be around. Shorty was a local small time level drug dealer with Jumpman logo tattoo who was used to getting high on his own supply. When somebody came around wearing nice Js and people were either talking about them or complimenting on them, Shorty would always say the same thing every time, "I don't buy or wear Jordans because I could get Shaq shoes at Walmart and save money. They are just shoes." He would say it as if he wanted to look smarter than the person wearing Js. And yet, with all that money he saved by buying Shaq shoes at Walmart, he would snort thousands of dollars worth of cocaine in his nose. You shouldn't have Jumpman logo tattoo on you if you can't afford to buy Jordan shoes and settle for Shaq shoes at Walmart because you need money to hit that crack pipe. That's not the greatness Michael Jordan is known for unless you are trying to be the GOAT of crackheads.