During my first year of Port Credit, I took a drama class which involved acting and performing in front of a crowd. I didn't take the class because I wanted to become an actor or a performer. I only took it because I figured it would be an easy class. However, what I didn't know at that time was how my time and experience in high school drama class would help me throughout my life time after time.

I still remember when my friend and I had to come up with a scenario (scene) and a dialogue last minute on the spot right before the actual performance for our final exam. We strictly improv the whole time. We made up our dialogue as we went. It was stupid and laughable, but it was a fluent dialogue surprisingly. I can't say it was the best performance, but that was a great experience.

There were so many situations in my life when I had to think and act quickly on the spot in order to avoid unnecessary confrontations or outcomes. There were numerous times where I had to manipulate and defuse hostile situations or find out information I needed by dialogues with humors and some acting on the spot. It was like being a negotiator. From working for advertising media companies to dealing with the police in various circumstances, my high school drama class definitely played a big role in achieving fruitful results.

Just like a great theatrical play with so many characters, twists and plots, you will also go through ups and downs, heartbreaks, setbacks, betrayals, and etc in your real life. No matter what happens, you must understand that it is all just a part of the game and keep moving forward without wasting too much time blaming the world or whatever. 50 Cent will tell you the same thing. Once I fully understood this one simple fact of life, it was much easier for me to move on and focus on what needs to be done to improve my life. Shit happens. Fall down seven times, stand up eight. Don't repeat same mistakes in the future.