Best Friend

Maybe it was because of the movie "Chef" and "The Chef Show" on Netflix by Jon Favreau & Roy Choi, I always wanted to check this place out. Not watching the episode of this restaurant, I was surprised initially with the front entrance/restaurant interior design. I can definitely appreciate Roy Choy for trying to keep it true and show his Komerican roots.



Best Friend is a great place for those who are not familiar or have no experience with Korean food. Their dishes were sweeter than I would like my Korean dishes to be. That being said, there are other Korean restaurants that I prefer over this location. However, if you are staying at Park MGM area, you should give it a try if you don't want to travel far out for some Korean grub. 

There was a DJ inside the main dining area who played music the whole time while I was eating with a guest. It was tough to have a conversation because of the music. Maybe they are using a DJ to get people out of the restaurant fast to serve more people. Personally, this could be a good place to eat and get out fast.