Trading Places

When two main rideshare companies became public stock trading entities, there was a push from these companies telling drivers to buy stocks. I thought about it, but I decided not to buy based on what I've seen from them and who were in charge of these companies.

And because I don't own stocks of these companies, I don't have to lie to others in order to not lose my investment. While both companies are not completely tanking simultaneously in stock prices, I was right for the most part as far as how this rideshare situation would turn out. I was wrong about one thing, and that was because I gave these companies the benefit of a doubt. 

When one company changed the formula or the equation of drivers'pay for the second or third time, I thought that was the last time and there was no way that they would go lower. I was wrong. They came up with a very creative way to pay the driver even less again. I have to give them props for being so creative to hide the BS and f**k over all the drivers.

There are drivers who would say the golden days are over and accept the new norm. That probably comes from those who shouldn't work as a driver and they probably have a poor understanding of risk and reward. I say this because driving on rideshare platforms is a dangerous work. From carjackings to getting killed by drunk drivers, drivers should just accept the new norm for the sake of some roaches wanting to live in a 30 bedrooms mansion and eat $1000 steaks like Jeff Epstein on the down low?

Believe me when I say this. Even if you pay millions of dollars to one of these CEOs or executives to drive on their own "safe" rideshare platforms for a year straight or even just a month, they are going to refuse knowing that they are going to get robbed or killed. They won't trade places, but they will keep tell everyone how everything is wonderful and good to go. If they won't even drive for millions of dollars on their own platforms just for a month, then why are they telling all drivers on their platforms to do it for a bag of chips? Proper human beings don't do that, only roaches do.

I guess only the time will tell. The only way of surviving and controlling this expoitation for current two main rideshare companies would be buying out emerging  competitors. But then again, if I was the one in charge of 3rd competing company, I wouldn't even bother thinking about selling the company since I understand the industry and the market. What is the point of selling the company when massive market takeover is very possible?

When I looked at Doordash in the beginning and saw the name of CEO, I didn't even bother looking into it. Why? Simple. I'm Asian and familiar with Asian history. I'm not interested in working with a company who has a person with the background of OG sweatshop operation in charge. For those who don't know, before India and other countries, China was the pioneer, innovator and OG of sweatshop operations. Maybe Doordash wasn't like that before in the beginning in order to trick people. But as of 2024, it definitely sounds like one to me by listening to people who are on Doordash platform. Who would've thought that white Amercans would experience China sweatshop operation on American soil? I wonder if China would give this guy a medal for running his OG China sweatshop operation and f**king over Americans.

I used to work for a company that was sold to Chinese & muslim descent owners. I was there to see exactly how they f**ked up the company from the time they took over and eventually merged with another company just to avoid bankruptcy. While they were not the sole reason why the company went to sh!t, but they were the main reason. That being said, I don't need anybody telling me I don't know what I'm talking about.

These rideshare companies are running borderline sweatshop operations also. Drivers shouldn't put too much faith in anybody with Iran heritage either. Their mindsets and values ain't too far away from China. It took some time but finally they are revealing their true colors. How do I know? I used to go to their houses and hung out with them, so I have a good picture of how they think and act. Remember that Iran is funding terrorists to attack the US and others.




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