The Lesson of UNLV Shooting & Rideshare Strikes

Enough is enough. That was what Gen Z students of UNLV said after the shooting. If what they want is that simple and straightforward, then I wouldn't be hearing about inflation, unemployment, crimes, homeless, corruptions, migrants and wars every other day. Instead of wasting time and energy on multi-layered complicated issues, Gen Z students of UNLV should look at this shooting incident as a valuable lesson and make sure they are well prepared and not repeat this doomed scenario of the UNLV shooter.

Not everyone who graduates from universities will live the life they imagined and have the career they hoped for. Just because you get a job in your industry or career right after your graduation doesn't mean you are guaranteed with that job or career forever. Many things can happen such as layoffs, internal politics, market crash and etc. If you are unlucky, you are going to end up in a workplace surrounded by incompetent savages who would do whatever it takes to keep their positions and jobs even if it means backstabbing and lying. There are people in corporations who will smile and eat with you, and then slit your throat right after the meal just to keep a job.

There are so many managers and regular employees I used to work with on LinkedIn website that have remarkable work resumes. However, I will never hire most of them if I was a hiring manager or an owner because I know their LinkedIn pages are full of sh!t. I know for a fact that most of them didn't get the job or the promotion based on merits and performances. I've seen crimes being buried and swept under the rug. I've witnessed and experienced overwhelming nepotism by many incompetent managers who were most likely unpopular and labeled as losers by other school kids growing up.

This UNLV shooter probably had a fairly easy going life without much hardships and adversities for the most part. He went to schools and found himself a teaching job after. His fairly secured job paid him for years. It was a comfortable life I suspect. However, he only found out the meaning of hardship and destitution right before he decided to kill innocent people at the age of 67. How many times did he get denied of his employment at various schools in Las Vegas? Probably not many. Did he even apply for any other jobs? And if those few rejections caused this old man to shoot and kill others, he must've lived an extremely lucky life and never had a chance to survive in this cold world regardless of his education and credentials. I was rejected of my employment from countless places for countless times that if I had to kill others over for that, I would be launching missiles instead of shooting a handgun. 

I don't know what alludes people from other states to move to Las Vegas. People have this idea that they will save money and live comfortable by moving from LA, SF, NYC and etc. Now that can be true only if a person knows how to manage his/her money with solid discipline. There are many people who lost their homes or fortunes by moving to Las Vegas. There is a story about a Japanese descent gambler who inherited a massive fortune from his parents. I strongly suggest everyone to check that story out because it definitely is a warning tale of gambling addiction mixed with stupidity. Everything was fine for this gambler until he came to Las Vegas with a boat load of money. He decided to gamble as a high roller one day because he was bored out of his mind. Soon enough, his stupidity took over and lost pretty much everything to casinos. I honestly thought this was a fake story, but it is a true story.

With so many people moving to Las Vegas from all over the place, I hope they are not here for the wrong reasons. Depending on who you are, Las Vegas might not be the best place to retire or settle. Just take a good look at the UNLV shooter incident. I don't know anything about his finances, but he ran out of money according to the investigation. What did he do all these years with his money? He was a business professor with high IQ. He pretty much had every great opportunity to invest his money in either stocks or real estate. He was old enough to make a fortune on Apple, Facebook, Microsoft stocks and etc. He could've started a business if he was really that smart. Instead, he f**ked his life up financially somehow and blamed others. This guy had to be the ultimate asshole and he absolutely had no excuse. He was teaching others including Gen Z and millenial students about business for crying out loud.

Unfortunately, this is a scary trend I see lately with countless senior rideshare drivers. I wonder if anyone of them is going to flip one day for whatever reasons and go nuts on passengers and other drivers. Even if the UNLV shooter was on rideshare platforms making money, that was not going to solve his real problem. And this applies to the majority of part-time and senior drivers on rideshare platforms. They probably don't even know and understand that they are a major reason why these companies are cutting drivers' pay. And it makes a lot of sense why all these part-time and senior drivers are on rideshare platforms and keep driving for a bag of chips. And to be fair, they are not the only ones who are making things worse for other rideshare drivers. Foreign drivers who can't speak English are also another major culprit. Foreign, part-time and senior drivers all have a similar characteristic; they are either desperate financially or they failed simple math classes in elementary schools.

There were people who thought striking for a couple of days was going to change these rideshare companies and their executives. A few of them asked me to join their strike movement. I flat-out declined their invitations and told them that I would only join if every driver agrees to stop driving for at least a couple of months. They looked at me like l'm an asshole and replied, "I can't do that. People have to pay bills!" Lately, I had many people come up to me and complain about current rideshare situation or ask me for rideshare tips. I told them to stop driving for a bag of chips. Not surprisingly, they replied, " I can't do that. I have to pay my rent!"

I do understand where they are coming from. I also had my shares of struggles in my life. I still remember the times when I ate $1 Kraft Dinner mac & cheese and noodles for every meal about a couple of months straight. I didn't need to do that, but I did it for obvious reasons. That being said, am I the real asshole who is making things worse for others?

This might sounds harsh to some. But the reality is that at least 3 new teaching jobs are opening up at UNLV due to this tragic shooting incident. Finally, somebody just might stop driving on rideshare platforms and become a professor. UNLV students should take this shooting incident as a reminder on what can happen if you don't understand how this cold world and money work. You could be a Gen Z genius or a phenom social media influencer coming out of a school, but if you don't understand how the real world works and live your life in a fantasy la la land, you are going to end up like SBF and his smart dumb friends from FTX fiasco. UNLV is a great school. Depending on who you are and what you want out of your life, UNLV could be the perfect place if you understand how to navigate Las Vegas life. There is no other places in the USA where you can learn about various sectors of industries and businesses. 

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