Born To Be Alive (Final Thought)


I feel bad for current veterans in active service. For some reasons, the USA is always in the middle of somebody else's conflicts one after another. America has its own complexed problems. If you stay in the service, you will always face the chance to be deployed in hostile zones because we always have to be a part of some sh!t. It could be dangerous, but you will be paid and fed while in the service.

If you decide to get out of the service and enter the civilian world, things are different. Depending on your skillsets and experiences, you might end up in the wrong company or industry and get screwed over. You are not going to have that guaranteed job security and paychecks. The USA is about capitalism where corporations, banks, executives + managements and shareholders/stock traders control your living conditions, lifestyle and finances. So it is critical that you put your ducks in a row before getting out or retire from the service. They don't care if you are a veteran when it's time to fumble the bag by mismanagement and layoff people or take your money and run. These are the type of people who would say you should've never signed up and join the armed forces if you died as a veteran in a warzone. Essentially, you are putting your life on the line for those who really don't care about you and your family.

Because of my time in the service, I do understand and appreciate those who served in the armed forces, but that is not how it is in the civilian world. As an active service member, you think or believe that you are fighting or protecting Americans. You are wrong. Many of these corporate executives such as the CEO and underlings of rideshare companies will sell this country and Americans out in a heart beat should the USA is on the losing side during a war. They will volunteer to kill you just to save themselves. Remember, they don't look or think of you as an American nor a human being. You are nothing but just a number to them.

When I got out of the service and re-entered the civilian world, I had a deeper appreciation for veterans, especially World War 2 veterans. Their sacrifices laid down the foundation of strong country that I get to enjoy right now. This place is not perfect by all means, but still what other places in the world would you rather live in as far as protecting ourselves from hostile conflicts and invasions? There are places in the world where everyday is life or death by seconds. Surviving bullets and explosions is a part of daily life. Scavenging for food and water with no clothes and shelters is the only skillset that matters. Babies are forced to graduate with PHD in Homeless University. Meals are not being delivered with a click no matter how much money is in the bank account. Women are being raped and treated like rags. But don't worry! As long as we have corporations, A.I. and social media, the USA will be just fine.   

Remember 9-11? It happened in America's soil on the empire state. It was a terrorist act of a few and not an invasion. However, imagine if it was an invasion of airplanes. I have no doubt that we would've held it down then. But now, I'm not too sure. Let's hope that we have strong armed forces and enough law enforcement personnel, national guards, paramedics, firemen to defend our nation and Americans. I really hope that current and future generations of active service combat soldiers don't dance on social media during special ops and missions for the sake of viral videos and making money.

With the world and technology being advanced every year, who knows what kind of warfares we will be facing. I hope it doesn't turn for the worst for all of us. In the worst case scenario, I at least know what I'm doing and how I'm going to go about my survival plans. I'm not going to care who someone's father is. I'm not going to care about how much money somebody has. I'm not going to care if someone is a CEO or a manager. I'm only going to care and protect my loved ones and those who are truly critical and vital to our civilization. If it turns into Terminator- Skynet, I don't know, but I guess we will figure it out. I wonder if anybody is actually going to be ready for it when everything goes sideways and chaos all around. Let's just hope that it doesn't come to that scenario. 

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