DMV Driving Test & Double Dutch

Every city in the USA is different when it comes to traffic congestions and conditions. In Las Vegas, if you drive like you are taking a DMV driving test, you will not last long on rideshare platforms unless you are extremely lucky. 

There is nothing wrong with driving like taking your DMV test. In theory, it should be the safest way of driving. But the problem is you don't know who are driving in all other cars on the road. There is no way of telling if a driver next to you even has a license to drive. How do I even know if a driver of 5 cars behind me is a drunk criminal behind the wheel? Then how do you even know if other stupid or bad drivers have solid insurance coverages?

One of your ultimate goals of rideshare driving is to return home in one piece. It is critical to avoid accidents at all cost regardless of whose fault because one accident can cause some serious damages to everyone involved including death. So with that in mind, why would you want to drive anybody for a bag of chips? Is your life that cheap?

Believe it or not, in order to avoid car accidents, you cannot drive like you are taking a DMV test. On top of that, you have to be aware of your surroundings constantly for out of state drivers. As you drive more and more, you are going to get familiar with certain dangerous areas of the roads. If you need to speed up to get away from these areas or other drivers, you should do just that. 

There was an old lady, a rideshare driver, who was involved in a T-bone collision with a pick up truck near by UNLV. I didn't see the accident in person, but I was able to watch the video footage captured by a rideshare driver. Most rideshare drivers who saw the footage thought and believed it was the truck driver's fault. The reason why they all believed that was because they don't know the traffic law. It might've looked like the truck driver's fault, but it was actually her fault. This accident could've been avoided if that old lady didn't drive like she was taking a DMV test. It was an unfortunate sight to watch. An ambulance took her away in a gurney with a neck brace on. And guess what? She was probably driving for a bag of chips thanks to the expolitation rigged and enabled by rideshare companies and their executives all in the name of capitalism, social status and shareholders. Your lives and well-beings as rideshare drivers and passengers mean nothing to these people. 

You might not notice in the beginning when you are on these rideshare platforms. Soon enough you will realize that it's like playing Double Dutch with your Grammy in front of you. And a lot of times, that creates unnecessary traffic jams and accidents. A large portion of rideshare drivers are not skilled drivers. They think they are good drivers just because they passed the DMV test. In reality, they only know how to operate a vehicle to move, and that's about it. If they really knew how to drive, then they should know how to slow down without stepping on the brake pedal every few seconds. Moreover, if they are truly good drivers, they should know how to estimate the rate of speed of other cars, movements and openings of lanes.

In Las Vegas, when certain events in certain areas are active, things change quickly because of road blocks, detours, constructions and congestions. If you are not a newbie driving in Las Vegas, then you would know when and where you need to be careful. You will also know which lanes to be in and what not to do unless it's absolutely clear. There are many dangerous merging lanes due to a careless driver who is not paying attention. Anything can happen at anytime on the road during big events due to so many various factors. In certain situations, you have to be patient no matter what. 

Not every event has the same configuration and procedures for traffic flow and road blocks. It usually changes each event. And because of that, if drivers who are not familiar with Las Vegas drive around like they are back in their hometown, that's when an accident will most likely happen.  

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