Bulletproof Vest & UNLV

It was suppose to be the most wonderful time of the year. However, somebody at UNLV didn't think so. I was nearby across from the Thomas & Mack center when the shooting happened. I didn't hear shots being fired. Instead, I heard sirens of paramedics moving towards UNLV followed by police sirens. I didn't really think of it as anything other than another routine in Las Vegas. 

A few minutes later, I realized there was something crazy happening somewhere nearby because one too many sirens were blasting non-stop. Then I received a ping request from the airport. As I approached the stop light before the airport pathway, a police showed up and completely blocked all lanes going towards the airport. I notified the passenger that there were lots of unusual police movements around the airport. He texted me back to tell me that there was active shooting at UNLV. 

As soon as I found out what was going on, I didn't hesitate a second. I immediately maneuvered away from all cars that were sitting ducks. Then, I found a way to enter the airport pathway. Once I arrived at the rideshare pick up area, I got out and took my bulletproof vest out of my trunk before I proceeded to take the passenger to his destination. 

It took more time than I wanted to take the passenger to his destination because of road closures and detours due to the lockdown of UNLV area. I underestimated the lockdown radius and I was stuck in extremely slow moving traffic. I definitely witnessed swift actions and coordination of LVMPD and other agencies. I was impressed to say the least. I really think there could've been much more casualties if they didn't act quickly. I saw countless off duty police officers being mobilized instantly. I know there are many veterans in the police force and I was somewhat proud of them.

I wasn't really shocked by the shooting. After all, I live in the USA where countless idiots exist, and these idiots can buy guns. Idiots + Guns = What do you expect? If anything, I was prepared with my bulletproof vest. I went through a lot in my life. I overcame all kinds of obstacles to come this far in life, and I'm not interested in getting shot and die because of some random stupid assholes.

Initially, I assumed the shooter was a stupid kid from UNLV. Then I found out it was an old career college professor. Once I saw the picture of him, he looked somewhat familiar. I thought I might've seen him driving on rideshare platforms. I started to wonder if he was a rideshare driver who got fed up getting screwed over by rideshare companies and applied for a job at UNLV out of desperation. If that was the case, I don't understand what he was doing at UNLV when rideshare companies headquarters are in San Francisco. He could've been remembered as a legend or a hero among rideshare drivers community around the country instead of being remembered as an idiot. Also, I don't understand why this asshole waited until December right before the rodeo when he could've done it during the Formula One. I can already see drivers, small business owners and etc signing a petition to rename Koval/Harmon after his name.

Mandalay Bay shooting was the wake up call and an unfortunate painful lesson. Luck was involved with UNLV incident, but LVMPD and other agencies looked prepared and definitely handled the threat swiftly to minimize casualties. They weren't lackadaisical with the situation. The shooter still had 9 full clips on him, so if you do the math, he had at least 90 shots left to fire. On the flip side, he had a Taurus 9mm, so there was a good chance that his gun would've jammed before discharging all those clips. Whether this was targeted or not, this old man wasn't trying to live. He had to know how this was going to end. If he didn't want to live anymore, he could've hung himself at home peacefully without causing pain and grief to others. 

Now that more details have emerged about the shooter, this incident could be a valuable insight or a lesson for UNLV students. Hopefully, they can all learn the importance of career and financial planning. With increasing cost of living, low paying sh!t jobs and competitions, it will be much harder for young students to survive the real world. Most of them are thinking that they are better than rideshare or delivery drivers, but the cold reality is that whole lot of them will be living with their parents if they don't quickly figure out how the real world works and hustle towards their goals. This old asshole had all kinds of experiences and credentials, but he was denied with employments. All that money and time he spent on schools did him no good years down the road. He was smart enough to graduate schools and teach others, but not smart enough to sign up with rideshare companies since they will take anybody regardless of experience and credentials. I wouldn't be surprised to see a blind person with down syndrome behind the wheel on rideshare platforms at this point.


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