Fire Extinguisher + Bags in The Trunk

When I meet passengers who want to hop in my car, I always ask them to put their bags in the trunk. My reasons are simple. In case of an emergency or a collision, I want to make sure that their bags are not going to be the reason why they weren't able to get out of the car and also to minimize damages to passengers and my car. 

Many people might ask how their bags can cause such damages to themselves and inside of my car. Well, for a starter, bags can easily, intentionally or not, damage the interior such as leather seats and other fabrics which is much more expensive than any paid rideshare fare. Also, I've seen all kinds of car accidents while driving in Las Vegas. I've seen cars turned upside down on the strip under bumper to bumper traffic condition. Then there was a girl who was got hit by a drunk driving NFL football player and burnt to death with her dog because she was stuck and bystanders couldn't pull her out of the burning car. I can't speak on behalf of others, but if I had a choice, burning to death is not the way I want to go. And that's why I have fire extinguishers in my car. 

There were countless people who refused to put their bags in the trunk and still wanted to hop in my car. If they had a problem with putting their bags in the trunk, they should've gone with other drivers who don't care about themselves and their business. I made sure to let every passenger know on my profile that they have to put their bags in the trunk, but if they didn't read it for whatever reasons and not cancel their trip requests immediately, that is not my fault. People should pay attention especially if they are going to be in a stranger's car.

I remember when there was an AWS event. I got a trip request from the airport. The passenger was a software engineer. I asked her if she was at the level 2 of parking garage which was the designated rideshare pick up area for terminal 1. She told me she was at level 2, but she didn't show up to my car when I arrived. Then I got a text from her telling me she was at the wrong level. So I waited for her to show up. When she showed up way past after my cancellation time, I asked her to put her backpack in the trunk. She refused and threw a hissy fit. I guess she thought I was going to take off with her bag. Maybe she thought there was a small person such as Tyrion from the Game of Thrones hiding in the trunk to steal her belongings from her backpack. Who knows? I told her that she didn't have anything that I want in her backpack. She eventually put her bag in the trunk. Once we both got in the car, this girl started to take pictures of me with her phone. I had to laugh inside because:

1. I have a history of mothers thanking me for taking their hammered/trashed/sh!tfaced daughters safely to their dorms from bars, clubs and fraternity house parties. I used to question every weekend about these intoxicated girls' choices of company they kept. I would never let my female friend go anywhere by herself in that state of mind and condition.

2. Factoring the latest depreciation of my vehicle, I don't see the point of stealing her backpack unless she had at least 40K to 50K cash in it. And it has to be in brand new crisp $100 bills. Even then, I don't think it's worth my time and effort due to the potential court/legal costs and loss of time. 

3. I only steal or rob passengers when I drive Prius or Fiesta, not when I drive Tesla. Why would I drive a car with GPS tracking + video recording when I'm about to commit crimes? I'm not smart enough to be a software engineer with a college diploma, but I'm not that stupid. I could always go to a retail store with a mask on and steal all kinds of things for money. Why would I go through a background check and spend 70K when I can just spend $10 for a mask on Amazon. I had to wait months for my Tesla to be delivered. I don't have to wait months for a mask. As an Amazon Prime member, the mask will be delivered to me in 2 days. And if I'm desperate and in a hurry to commit crimes, I can pay extra $3 for the same day delivery. Then, I can wear that mask and rob that same Amazon delivery person and the truck within 30 minutes. If she works at Amazon as a software engineer, she should know better than I do. 

This brings many important questions. What did they teach her in schools? What did she do in schools? How did she come this far in life with her outstanding lack of common sense? How did she get the job? Who hired her and why? Is she the reason why the app is acting funny sometimes?

There are two points that I want new rideshare drivers to remember from this if you happen to read this.

1. I waited way past my cancellation time for this girl.

2. Her destination was in an area where most rideshare drivers would not go due to where it was. That was not a wise move at that time if I really wanted to make more money efficiently without wasting my valuable time.

I did her 2 solid favors when I didn't have to. And yet, this ungrateful emotional uneducated selfish stupid asshole got a problem with me? She should check herself before she wrecks herself because a b!tch like her is bad for my health. 

Then there was another similar situation. A woman in her middle age refused to put her bag in the trunk. She was also worried that I would take off with her belongings. Once we arrived to her house, I was extremely pissed. Her two cars combined together in her driveway was worth less than my one car. And she was worried about me taking off with her things when she doesn't even have much? Moreover, if I'm driving you to your home, should you be more concerned with a stranger knowing where you live and robbing your house or taking off with your things in my car?

I definitely don't want or need to drive these people in my car at all. The problem is these rideshare companies keep sending or forcing them my way. I'm pretty sure there has to be a program or a device to detect people with outstanding lack of common sense invented by a software engineer by now. So I don't know why they can't filter out these people before sending them my way. If it hasn't invented yet, what the f**k are software engineers waiting for? You could make billions of dollars with that invention. Then, you could buy a limo and hire a personal chauffeur with all your bags inside instead of working for Amazon and using rideshare apps. 

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